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  •   CNC operator: 4  Male 20-40 years old, junior high school education, familiar with bao yuan or new generation of refined system debugging, more than 1 year of CNC milling operation experience. Comprehensive salary of 4500-5,500 yuan;
  •   CNC programming master: 4   Requirements: technical secondary school or college degree or above, the thought is agile, dare to meet the challenge, familiar with the Master CAM, Pro/ENGINNR or UG software, three years working experience in digital products standard programming, familiar figure.
  •   Grinding master: 2   Gender not limited, 20-35 years old precision hand board polishing more than 1 year working experience, women first.
  •   Artisan: 2   Male, 22-33 years old, technical secondary school or above, more than 3 years digital handicraft production experience, familiar with precision hand plate assembly is preferred.
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Solemn promise: we will strictly keep confidential the information of the new and old customers, whether or not to cooperate, we will not disclose the customer to the project irrelevant personnel!
The designer agrees to the following:
1. The information disclosed by the client can only be used by the designer for the purpose of making the handboard.

2. The proprietary information cannot be disclosed to a third party institution or individual except for the senior staff of the designer and the general staff who are directly involved in the work.
3. The contractor shall inform and properly require his/her employees to abide by the provisions of this agreement, and the company shall be jointly and severally liable if the employee involved in this work violates this agreement
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